New POP graphic
Graphic for the #pop2018 posters and flyers – full versions coming soon

With just over a month to go, our Pedal on Parliament posters and flyers will be hitting the streets of Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness soon – but if you want to be ahead of the game, you can order your PoP T-shirt now and wear your support for safer cycling in Scotland proudly on your chest.

As you’ll see this year’s graphic – from our wonderful artist, Andy Arthur – is a bit of a departure from the T-shirts and posters we’ve used in the past, but it’s bold, eye-catching, more abstract and yet recognisably PoP-like all at once. If you don’t want to wear it on a shirt, you might want it on your wall – but more to the point, we hope it will draw the attention of those who would support PoP if they only knew what it was about.

This year, the T-shirt will be (by popular request) PoP blue and comes in the usual range of adult and child sizes. You can buy online now – and if you want your T-shirt delivered to you rather than picking it up on the day, you can add £2 P&P. Remember, we fund PoP entirely by donations and T-shirt sales, and it is your support that enables us to spread the word and have safe and successful events on the day.

POP t-shirt
This year’s fantastic PoP t-shirt
T-shirts oh my!