Ever since the very start of  Pedal on Parliament we have been delighted to have the support of Mark Beaumont who said, back then:

Mark Beaumont Poster
Poster celebrating Mark Beaumont’s support back in 2012

“Having cycled many thousands of miles around the world and experienced roads in many different countries, I have experience of how well and how badly cyclists can be catered for on the roads. Whilst cycling in the UK is a safe activity, it could be safer. That is why I am joining the organisers of Pedal on Parliament on the 28th April to ask our politicians to make cycling safe for everyone. The three mile ride from the Meadows to Holyrood might be short, but the effect on cycling in Scotland could be profound.”

Since he joined us for the first PoP, much has changed – not least for Mark, who now has two daughters and many more World Records  to his name. Whilst Mark may be confident cycling on roads both in the UK and around the world, he’s now even more aware of the need for traffic-free safe cycling conditions for his young family.

Mark Beaumont POP 1
Mark Beaumont arrives ready for the very first POP

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that Mark will be joining us once more at the Meadows in Edinburgh on April 28th. This time, he’ll be riding with his family in a cargo bike, a very different sort of bike from the kind he uses in his world record attempt but one which brings challenges of its own. Cycling around the world in under 80 days is one thing – getting your family safely down to nursery or the shops by bike in Scotland today is quite another. When you’ve a precious cargo on board, safety becomes paramount – that’s why we ride on Parliament every year to ask our politicians to make cycling safe: not just for the Mark Beaumonts of this world but for everyone.

The ride to Holyrood will be short and we won’t be breaking any records, except maybe for the largest number of bikes gathered outside the Scottish Parliament. But, with Mark – and everyone else who turns out at POP each year – we’ll be helping to bring about a profound change, and one that will make Scotland safer, healthier, greener, cleaner, wealthier, and, above all, happier.

We hope you’ll join Mark, us, and thousands of others to help make Scotland a cycle-friendly country in Edinburgh on April 28th.

Mark Beaumont to join us for Pedal on Parliament 2018