A3 PosterWith less than three weeks to go till Pedal on Parliament, there’s no time to waste in spreading the word. We’ll be doing everything we can to get word out to everyone who rides a bike – or would like to – in Scotland, but we can’t do it without your help. The more of us show up in Edinburgh and Inverness on Saturday 28th April (and  in Aberdeen on Sunday 29th), the louder our voices will be. Here’s how you can play your part:


  • put up posters. you can collect  some of our amazing colourful 2018 posters, or  print your own and put them up – at work, at your local bike shop, favourite cafe, library, school, or anywhere else you like.
  • tag bikes. Just print out our cunning handlebar flyers in full colour or black and white – they look great either way – and attach them to any bike you see. You could tag all the bikes locked up at work or elsewhere, or just keep a handful in your pocket to loop on  whenever you spot a bike.
  • flyer your fellow cyclists. Now spring has finally arrived (we hope) there are more and more people out and about on bikes. Just half an hour or  handing out flyers can really help spread the word. No need for a huge effort – you could just stop on your way to or from work. A cheery smile and a flyer held out to passing cyclists usually gets a result.
  • spread the word online. We hope you already follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook – and if you are on Facebook, it would be great if you could let us know if you’re planning to come along on the event page for EdinburghAberdeen or Inverness. Invite your friends, share our tweets, and generally boost the signal!
  • speak to people! Talking to people you know about why you support PoP, and inviting them along – whether they’re family, friends, colleagues, your political representatives, or someone you met at a party – is powerful. If you want to do more, why not arrange to ride to PoP in  a group (or even plan a feeder ride)? Apart from anything else, PoP is even more fun with friends.

If this has inspired you, flyers and posters can be picked up at BikeTrax and the Edinburgh Bike Station (with more pick up points coming soon) – Can’t collect? We have that covered too – check out our resources page for posters, flyers and handlebar tags you can print at home. If you need more pre-printed stuff, let us know at hello@pedalonparliament.org and we’ll get them to you.

It’s people like you who make PoP a success. Together, we can make Scotland a cycle-friendly country. But we can’t do it alone.

Want a cycle-friendly Scotland? Over to you!