2022 Graphics

A4 Poster for home printing

Image of poster design
Print-at-home copy of our poster – click on the image for the PDF

Handlebar flyers – you can cut these along the lines and attach them to bikes you see out and about (more detailed instructions here)

image of handlebar flyers
Click on the image to download the PDF for printing

Editable feeder ride flags – make an online copy to edit using Google docs or download and then edit in PowerPoint

editable feeder ride flags
Editable feeder ride flags – click on image to open downloadable file

Pedal on COP resources

If you’re planning a Pedal on COP ride, some social media graphics, printable flags and our editable poster are here for you to download. We also have flyers for the big march itself to share.

Pedal on COP Facebook Event Banner with date
Facebook event banner – with date. Use this for feeder rides starting on the day
Pedal on COP facebook event banner with date
Facebook event banner with no date – use this for multi-day feeder rides or those running the day before (to avoid confusion!)
Pedal on COP Eventbrite banner
Eventbrite banner – with date. Use this for rides taking place on the day
Pedal on COP Eventbrite banner with no date
Eventbrite banner with no date. Use this for multi-day feeder rides or those running the day before.

The editable poster is here (you can edit it in Powerpoint – let us know if you need a different format) POP 2021 Feeder Poster

Don’t forget to let the world know where you’re cycling from with flags and signs! We have an editable pennant which you can fill in with your starting point and add to your bike! PedalOnCOP26 Flag–Editable (Powerpoint file – let us know if you need a different format).

Pedal on COP26 flag
Let the world know where you’ve cycled from! Click to download an editable version

We’ve also got some pennant graphics you can use on the march itself

And finally – we have flyers for the Cycling & Sustainable Transport bloc of the big march. We’re getting some printed so if you can distribute them locally let us know and we’ll send some over to you. Or we’ve got a PDF version you can download and print at home.

Image of bloc flyer - click on file for PDF
The flyer for the big march – click on the image for a printable PDF

2021 ‘Lighting up’ toolkit

For 2021 we’re using projections and light to send a message to Holyrood candidates. You can download our PDF toolkit for a load of inspiration, tips and how-tos.

2021 Graphics

Our poster, graphics and a wee animation for this year are here for you to download. Use the poster to print and home and help spread the word about our action this year. The other files can be used for your projections or window art or however you plan to shine out your light! (Note, we’ve used white text for our graphics this year as white works best for projecting out light – the transparent files have white text that you’ll see when you open them up if you’re looking to use a layered file.)


POP poster with polar bear and a bike and 'this machine fights climate change'
PoP 2021 Poster



MAKE SCOTLAND animated gif
MAKE SCOTLAND animated gif reversed
PANDA FAMILY animated gif
PANDA FAMILY animated gif reversed


MAKE SCOTLAND animated MP4 Reversed
PANDA FAMILY Animated MP4 reversed


Download our logos and pop-up pandas:

pop logo gif
PoP logo gif – best for use on websites
Pop logo PNG
PoP logo png – with a transparent background
pop logo gif
PoP logo pdf – best for printing






pop-up panda logo
Pop-Up PoP Panda logo jpg
POPup banner
Pop-Up PoP panda banner

How to run a Pop-Up PoP

(but had been afraid to ask):

Everything you wanted to know about running a Pop-Up PoP but were afraid to ask …

Editable Pop-Up Posters

Our editable posters are here!


Here’s how to use them:

  • Save a copy of the Powerpoint file.
  • Either download and open in powerpoint, or edit in google docs.
  • Choose either the white or green background.
  • Delete the slide of the background you don’t want.
  • Edit the text, changing the font size to make it all fit.
  • Save as or download as a pdf.
  • Go advertise!

Space for Distancing Graphics

Space for Distancing graphic

Do you need to make more of these to show your council where you need more space? Look no further:

#SpaceForDistancing Graphics

Pop Pennant

This 2-page pennant file for your rear flag is set up as A3 size (twice size of A4). It can also be scaled down and printed at A4. Either print both pages back-to-back on a single sheet of paper or print on two separate sheets and stick together. Cut along diagonal line and trim off white edge.

There’s also an editable powerpoint file which allows you to customise your pennants.

Mailing list Sign Up Sheet

Use this template of the PoP Up PoP Mailing List sign up sheet to help you gather email addresses from campaign supporters. Add the necessary information about your campaign, print out a few copies and bring them along with you. If people also indicate they want to be added to the main POP mailing list, please send a list of only those addresses to us at this email address.

Archive Posters

pop-up panda logo

2017 POP poster

POP 2016 poster

New Pedal on Parliament poster

Panda 2 POP2poster 2013

Mother POP2Magna POP2

Archive Tshirts


Pop-up t-shirtSciennes Selfie


POP t-shirt





Archive Photos

The main POP flickr group is POPScotland.

Our Flickr Press Pools are for images that are freely available for use by the media when reporting on Pedal on Parliament, provided the photographer is credited.


Pedal on COP Press Pool / PoP2019 Press Pool / PoP2018 Press Pool /PoP2017 Edinburgh and Aberdeen Press PoolPoP2017 Glasgow Press Pool / PoP2017 Inverness Press Pool / PoP2016 Press Pool / PoP2015 Press Pool / PoP2014 Press Pool