Editable Pop-up Posters

Our editable posters are here!

Here’s how to use them:

  • Save a copy of the Powerpoint file.
  • Either download and open in powerpoint, or edit in google docs.
  • Choose either the white or green background.
  • Delete the slide of the background you don’t want.
  • Edit the text, changing the font size to make it all fit.
  • Save as or download as a pdf.
  • Go advertise!


If you’re doing your own posters but want to add ours (or need to add our logo to anything  else like a flyer) then you can download them here. There’s the general POP logo plus also a couple of our pop-up pandas.

Pop logo PNG
PoP logo as a PNG file with a transparent background
pop logo gif
Small PoP logo as a gif (best for use in websites)
pop logo gif
PDF of PoP logo (for printing)

pop-up panda logo
Pop-Up PoP Panda logo (jpg)

POPup banner
Pop-Up PoP panda banner

Mailing list sign up sheet

Use this template to help you gather email addresses from campaign supporters. Add the necessary information about your campaign, print out a few copies and bring them along with you. If people also indicate they want to be added to the main POP mailing list, please send a list of only those addresses to hello@pedalonparliament.org.

Pop up POP template mailing list sign up sheet (.docx)

Pop pennant

This 2-page pennant file is set up as A3 size (twice size of A4). It can also be scaled down and printed at A4. Either print both pages back-to-back on a single sheet of paper or print on two separate sheets and stick together. Cut along diagonal line and trim off white edge.

There’s also an editable powerpoint file which allows you to customise your pennants.




The 2019 Flickr Press pool is here – these are for images that are freely available for use by the media, as long as the photographer is credited

Galleries of POP2014POP2015POP2016 and POP2018 images are available on Flickr.  For 2017 there were separate pools for Edinburgh and Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Inverness

The main POP flickr group is POPScotland


2014 postersmaller version of the POP posterPOP 2016 poster2017 POP poster


Panda 2 POP2poster 2013

Panda 1 POP2poster 2013Panda 2 POP2poster 2013Mother POP2Magna POP2

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