• POP 2017 poster designs are here!
2017 POP poster

The 2017 POP poster. Coming soon to a bike path near you

Andy Arthur of Magnificent Octopus has done us some fab illustrations for Pedal on Parliament (with design by Dashed Lines). These are now available as JPGs for downloading and printing as posters and as handlebar flyers to attach to bikes’ bars or top tubes. You can also pick up pre-printed flyers for distribution from a number of handy pickup points. You can show your support online with a Twibbon or badge. And you can also find some images of the last POP for use in media releases and other publicity purposes, as well as an archive of older POP posters for the nostalgists amongst you.

Posters and flyers

Here are the PDFs for the A5 flyers (front and back), A4 posters and A3 posters.

Feeder ride editable posters

Pedal on Parliament 2017 Glasgow feeder editable A4Download these editable A4 posters and open on your computer (works best in Adobe Reader/Acrobat). You should see text at the bottom which you can select and type over with your ride details. Your software may come up with messages about fonts, etc. – OK them and it should work fine.

Feeder ride pennant

This 2-page pennant file is set up as A3 size (twice size of A4). It can also be scaled down and printed at A4. Either print both pages back-to-back on a single sheet of paper or print on two separate sheets and stick together. Cut along diagonal line and trim off white edge.

There’s also an editable powerpoint file which allows you to customise your pennants.

FB event header banners

You can use these images for headers on Facebook events, such as for feeder rides. Click on the image to view full size.

Handlebar flyers

These are two-sided PDFs – print at home or at your local print shop.

Aberdeen 2017 2sided handlebar flyer

Edinburgh 2017 2sided handlebar flyer

Glasgow 2017 2sided handlebar flyer

Inverness 2017 2sided handlebar flyer

Here’s a little guide on how to use them.Leaflet

Pre-printed flyers

For those who just want to pick up flyers to distribute – please let us know if you want some by – emailing hello AT pedalonparliament DOT org and we’ll make arrangements. In Glasgow, flyers and posters can be picked up at Siempre Bicycle Cafe. In Edinburgh, there’s a map of where flyers and posters are available to pick up

For other locations, contact us on hello AT pedalonparliament DOT org


Fly the flag online

Want to wear your heart on your sleeve? You can show your support for POP with a ‘twibbon’ on your avatar on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also add a badge to your website or blog. How to do it will vary from site to site – but the following html should work (this has only been tested in WordPress, please let us know if you have instructions for other commonly used platforms:

<p>I'm pedalling on Parliament in April #pop2017</p>
<a href="https://pedalonparliament.org/"> <img alt="I'm Pedalling on Parliament in April" width="150" src="https://pedalonparliament.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/2016-Poster-F_smaller.jpg" class="aligncenter" /></a>


To add it to your sidebar in a WordPress blog you’ll need to add a text widget and paste the code above directly into it.


Galleries of POP2014POP2015 and  POP2016 images are available on Flickr. These are images freely available for use by the media, as long as the photographer is credited.

The main POP flickr group is POPScotland


2014 postersmaller version of the POP posterPOP 2016 poster

Panda 2 POP2poster 2013

Panda 1 POP2poster 2013Panda 2 POP2poster 2013Mother POP2Magna POP2