We did it!

Thanks to all of you who helped us light up Scotland on the night of the 24th April!

Large projection of POP message onto Salisbury Cracgs
Photo courtesy of Andy Catlin

We couldn’t Pedal on Parliament this year, but at least we could project onto it! The PoP2021 weekend saw an incredible outpouring of ingenuity and invention as we took our campaign to the night skies to tell our politicians that cycling is part of the solution to climate change and the time is now


Please share this film far and wide, especially to those who can make a difference to Scotland’s policies over the next five years (Walk, Wheel, Cycle, Vote can help with this). 

This slide show captures the excitement of the weekend. Thanks again to all of you who took part.

Who are we?

Pedal on Parliament is a grassroots volunteer-led campaign pushing for better, safer and more inclusive cycling conditions for everyone of all ages and abilities in Scotland. We run an annual nationwide weekend of action aimed at policy makers, asking for better investment, design and policy for sustainable transport.
Our manifesto asks politicians to agree to:

  • Proper funding for active travel – starting at 10% of the transport budget and rising to 20% by the end of the parliamentary term.
  • Design cycling for all ages and abilities into Scotland’s roads.
  • Implement and enforce safer speeds where people live, work and play.

“The measure of a good city is one where a child on a tricycle or bicycle can safely go anywhere. If a city is good for children, it will be good for everybody else.”

Enrique Peñalosa

Pedal on Parliament: That's Mr Beaumont to you
The first PoP in 2012 © Richard Cross

Want to help? Find out how to get involved. Or you can support us financially – we are funded entirely through individual donations and the sale of POP t-shirts. 

Our RSS feed is https://pedalonparliament.org/feed/