We’re Pedalling on COP26 for the Global Day of Action on November 6th

We couldn’t pedal on Parliament this year — but we can take our cycles and climate message to the assembled world leaders in Glasgow. The UN Climate Conference is the world’s last best chance to avert a climate catastrophe and we’re joining with other groups for the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice in Glasgow on November 6th.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Join our bloc (Cycling and Sustainable Transport) at the big march from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green – you can sign up here.
  • If you’re in Glasgow, join one of our feeder rides from various corners of the city organised by OnBikes, Friends of Bearsway, Glasgow Southside Women’s Road Cycling, Cycling UK Glasgow and more. 
  • If you’re in Edinburgh or along the route, join the mass demo ride from Edinburgh on the day, jointly organised with Critical Mass Edinburgh (you can sign up here). There’s also an option for a quicker paced ride to be sure you’ll get to the march in time for the start (the Critical Mass ride is a demo in its own right).
  • If you’re further afield, you could Pedal on COP from your town or city – we’ve got feeder rides in the works from all corners of Scotland (coming by bus or train is fine too!) 
  • If you can’t make it to Glasgow for that day, join in local demonstrations or organise your own – you can find a list of local hubs here.

There has never been a more urgent or important time to mobilise. This day needs to be massive across Glasgow, Scotland, and the world. So, please join us, any way you can!

This film explains what’s at stake.

Who are we?

Pedal on Parliament is a grassroots volunteer-led campaign pushing for better, safer and more inclusive cycling conditions for everyone of all ages and abilities in Scotland. We run an annual nationwide weekend of action aimed at policy makers, asking for better investment, design and policy for sustainable transport.
Our manifesto asks politicians to agree to:

  • Proper funding for active travel – starting at 10% of the transport budget and rising to 20% by the end of the parliamentary term.
  • Design cycling for all ages and abilities into Scotland’s roads.
  • Implement and enforce safer speeds where people live, work and play.

“The measure of a good city is one where a child on a tricycle or bicycle can safely go anywhere. If a city is good for children, it will be good for everybody else.”

Enrique Peñalosa

Pedal on Parliament: That's Mr Beaumont to you
The first PoP in 2012 © Richard Cross

Want to help? Find out how to get involved. Or you can support us financially – we are funded entirely through individual donations and the sale of POP t-shirts. 

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