It’s exactly a month until we’ll be lighting up Scotland with a message for all the candidates in the Holyrood election: that this machine fights climate change and the time to act is now.

Image showing a polar bear with a bike and the caption 'this machine fights climate change

It’s fair to say that there’s a lot going on in Scottish politics at the moment. Cutting through the noise during the electoral campaign will be hard – but with climate disaster so imminent, it’s never been more important. The more of us that take part on our day of action on the 24th of April, the bigger an impact we’ll have. It doesn’t have to be large or complicated – even a poster in a window or a photo on social media can have an effect if it reaches the right person. Our friends at Walk, Wheel, Cycle, Vote are busy gathering all of the contact details of the candidates standing this year, so you’ll be able to let your politicians know that this is an issue that matters to you.

We’ve posted lots of ideas about how you can take part – but we’re sure there are more. We’re starting to hear from individuals and groups around the country about their plans (or their plans to have plans …) but we’d love to hear from more people. One action, like one voice on its own, may not carry very far. But joining together in a mighty chorus will make our words so much harder to ignore.

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So whether you’ve got a fully fledged plan, or just the glimmer of an idea – please let us know! We’d really like to start to build a picture of where and what will be done by you, our supporters, across Scotland. You can email us (, send us a message via our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – and do also sign up to our Facebook event. All of our graphics are available on our resources page or you can  even make your own. 

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It doesn’t matter what you do, or even if you succeed in getting a response from your local candidates. But by joining in with us on the 24th, however small a part you play, you’ll become part of a bigger voice, a brighter light. 

The people we elect on May 6th will be making decisions that affect each and every one of us – across Scotland and across the world. Let’s make sure they hear our message, together, loud and clear.

#TheTimeIsNow #LightTheWay.

A Month to Go! What are you planning?