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On Saturday the 24th of April, we are asking all of our Pedal on Parliament supporters around Scotland to join us (safely distanced, of course) in shining the light on active travel – one of the key answers to our climate crisis. 

Because we can’t run a mass ride this year, we are instead asking people around Scotland to use projections and light, at home or locally. We would like to send a message to our policymakers ahead of the Scottish Parliamentary elections that Scotland believes that cycling is a part of the solution to climate disaster. 

This year we are focusing on climate, and the messages we want to send collectively are that: 




Photographs and video of your action will be key to spreading the word of our collective action so be sure to record it and share it far and wide. 

Here are a few suggestions for how you can join in. We’ll be expanding on these in later posts but, if you are impatient to find out more, all the details are available in this toolkit (PDF): 

  • As an individual or as a group, you could put up window installations that will display a message after dark.
  • Use a long-exposure photograph to make light drawings to share online.
  • If you have a projector or could get hold of one, you can project a message or display onto a window or a local landmark.
  • If you can get hold of a theatre light, you can send up a ‘bat signal’ with a cut out.
  • If you had indoor or outdoor fairy lights for Christmas, you can repurpose them to spell out a message.
  • You can use a cinema-style light box to spell out a message.
  • You could create a message with reflective tape that will be revealed by bike or car headlights.
  • Get techy with a ticker-tape mobile phone app – or even do some Strava art to spell out our message.
  • Use your bike’s own lights to put on a display. 

We have four additional posts that fill out these ideas in more detail: window installations, light drawings, projections, and getting creative.

Please remember that we are trying to avoid crowds this year – so rather than advertising your action, let it be a happening and record it in images or video. The actual display should ideally take place on Saturday 24th April but, if that timing doesn’t suit, then you could go for the Friday evening or early on Saturday morning (before it gets light) and we can still use any images and video you capture.

Some tips, whatever the method you choose:

  • A practice run on a previous dark night might be worth it to get it just right. 
  • Consider the timing of your action according to light levels. Many projections will work at dusk, although in April the sun won’t be fully down until around 7.30/8pm. 
  • This is a green action, so beg, borrow, share and collaborate to gather what you need! 
  • Buy second hand – marketplaces often have lights for sale from events that have passed. 
  • Keep yourself and others safe. If it’s raining keep anything electrical safely under cover. ? Ensure you’re not shining the light into oncoming traffic! 
  • A home projector won’t cover a massive area – choose your location wisely! 

Please share any footage and images with us – we’ll be doing a social media blitz all weekend and also putting together a short video of all the actions across Scotland, so make sure you have permission to share any images and are happy for us to use them in this and future campaigns – you can let us know your plans on press@pedalonparliament.org

You’ll also need to get word out to the local media. We’ll provide template releases you can use to tailor for your local media. 

And share it all over social media with these hashtags: 

#POP2021 #PedalOnParliament #LightTheWay #TheTimeIsNow

Finally, as it’s the Holyrood elections on May 6th, please do share your images – and your concerns – with your local candidates to the Scottish Parliament so they know what matters to their local voters.

Projected fist image
Projection artwork by Jack Wrigley.
Shine a Light: How to take part in PoP this year!