In a world where Joaquin Phoenix can help to save the planet by re-wearing a tuxedo, we felt that here at PoP central we too should do our bit (although actually we rather think we’re helping to save the planet by championing cycling, one of the cleanest and greenest ways to get around).

Right from the start, the funding of Pedal on Parliament has largely relied on two things – the generosity of individual donors, and the sale of our t-shirts, designed by the fantastically talented Andy Arthur. Each year we’ve issued a different design from the very first year’s panda on a Brompton (other folding bike models are available) which was conceived in a panic in the run up to our first PoP as an emergency fund-raising measure, to last year’s pop-up panda.

Cyclist wearing pop t-shirts
Pop t-shirt in action (giant panda model’s own) at last year’s Chicane Challenge
Pop-up t-shirt
Pop-up Panda t-shirt – click to fill your boots

This year, we’re taking a leaf out of Phoenix’s book and continuing with the same Pop-Up t-shirts, rather than doing a new design, so there’s no need to feel you have to shell out for a new one if you already bought one last year. It also means that – for those of you who didn’t get one last year (and why didn’t you?) – they’re already available for order now. We’ve changed the pricing slightly to include P&P (which saves us some transaction fees) but otherwise they’re the same great value as they were last year.

If you’re running a pop-up they’re a great way to give it some PoP branding – especially if you want your marshals or organisers to stand out in a crowd (the bright lime green really does stand out). And if you just want to support our work then they are a great summer t-shirt and also a great gift for other cycle-lovers in your life.

Note that although the adults sizes are ‘unisex’ (= sized for men, basically), the youth sizes are also a good option for many women (or, indeed, skinnier chaps) if you prefer a more fitted look. Click on the individual t-shirt descriptions for more information.

And if you already have a vast collection of PoP t-shirts and were hoping to add to it – never fear! We’ll be doing a new t-shirt and poster design next year.

Pop t-shirts hanging to dry
PoP t-shirts – you can never really have too many


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