#POP2021 #PedalOnParliament #LightTheWay #TheTimeIsNow

As we posted previously, on Saturday the 24th of April, we are asking all of our Pedal on Parliament supporters around Scotland to join us in shining the light on active travel – one of the key answers to our climate crisis. 

We’ve already posted some suggestions and tips as to how you could share the message through window displays, light art and projections, but there are tons of other ideas out there for lighting things up so here’s a round up of other ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

LED / Fairy lights

Bendable LED tape and strings of fairy lights could spell out a pretty big message. Battery operated would work for outside too. Here’s a quick example of how you might do this.

Montage of images using LED lights
Photos (l-r): Overpass Light Brigade / Overpass Light Brigade / Backbone Campaign / Joe Brusky

Or you could simply use fairy lights to draw attention to a sign with our message:

Sign saying 'Swimming Pool Bike Lane' adorned with fairy lights

Or you could even adorn your own bike with fairy lights and a sign if you’re out and about after dark.

Light boxes

Cinema-style light boxes come with all the letters you need to spell out our messages.

Always smile message spelled out with a light box.
Photo: Erick Tang

Reflective tape

Make a banner using reflective tape and light it up, or position it so that car headlights will reveal its message. Foil or silver paper would also work!

Mobile phone apps

Phones are a good source of light! If you and your family all have phones, there are loads of scrolling text apps that could send out our message. Just popping your phone in a window with a scrolling message might be a quick way to draw attention to your support.

Or as we suggested previously, you could make use of an app like Strava to record your message on an enormous scale with some GPS-based art.

Bicycle lights

We all have them! Use them to make a light installation with our message.

Picture of a bike projected onto a bike lane
Photo: Bless This Stuff

Whatever means you choose, don’t forget our key messages:




But, within that, the sky – and your imagination – is the only limit.

Please share any footage and images with us – we’ll be doing a social media blitz all weekend and also putting together a short video of all the actions across Scotland, so make sure you have permission to share any images and are happy for us to use them in this and future campaigns – you can let us know your plans on hello@pedalonparliament.org

You’ll also want to share it all over social media with these hashtags: 

#POP2021 #PedalOnParliament #LightTheWay #TheTimeIsNow

Finally, as it’s the Holyrood elections on May 6th, please do share your images – and your concerns – with your local candidates to the Scottish Parliament so they know what matters to their local voters.

Shine a Light (part 5): Get creative!