Pedal on Parliament are very proud to bring you our 2021 PoP Polar Bear family, who will be helping us fight our cause for safer cycling this year. The polar bear has long been a symbol of climate change, their habitat swiftly and sadly disappearing as the ice caps melt. As we hone our focus this year on the climate crisis, we’ve changed up our usual PoP Panda for this magnificent creature.

And talking of magnificent, thank you to Andy Arthur at Magnificent Octopus for his brilliant artwork once again. We have shared all of Andy’s artwork for us over the years on the poster section of our resources page.

Our PoP Polar Bears can help you spread our message with light, to tell the world on April the 24th, that THIS MACHINE FIGHTS CLIMATE CHANGE and THE TIME IS NOW. Please feel free to use the graphics (up on our resources page now) as a template for your window displays, projections or whatever else you plan to use to shine the light on active travel as a solution.

We have a series of Shine a Light posts here that detail how you can take part – do drop us an email to let us know what you are planning. Let’s dazzle our politicians campaigning for this year’s election. Together, we can shine a light into candidates’ climate policies and encourage them into promising and delivering better budgets, faster rollouts and safer designs that could make cycling for transport an option for everybody. For our sakes, for our polar bears’, and for the sake of the future of our planet.

PoP Goes Ursus Maritimus
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