Pedal on Parliament’s aim is to make Scotland a cycle friendly nation. We want cycling to be safe, not just for the people who already cycle, but also for everyone who currently doesn’t feel it is safe enough for cycling.

Why though do we pedal on Parliament? Surely there are nicer places to ride?! What about Pedal to the Beach or Pedal Around the Loch?

The reason that we pedal on parliament is because the people who actually have the power to make the changes that we ask for are our politicians, particularly our national politicians. Yes we need our councils to invest as well, and Edinburgh is leading the way at the moment, but if cycling is to become a realistic transport option for the population as a whole, we need leadership and investment at the top.

The politicians certainly listened last year, and there was a small increase in cycling funding, but it was a drop in the ocean. £6m extra over 2 years when we are asking for £100m a year. So how can we convince them?

We need them to see the strength of feeling with their own eyes. We need the politicians (local and national) to come to Pedal on Parliament.

This is where we need your help. We need you to invite your local MSPs and/or councillors to POP2. It doesn’t need to be a long e-mail. Just a paragraph or two is all it takes. Just tell them why you think cycling is important and why you think they should come along to POP2.

The more politicians that we can have there on the day, the more likely that they will go back and spread the word about how the time has come for cycling to move to the top of the political agenda.

With your help we can make Scotland a cycle friendly nation!