Panda-2013v2may19Wear your support for POP with pride – now is your chance to help our fundraising AND get the only guaranteed baby panda in Edinburgh by pre-ordering a stylish POP t-shirt. Based on our latest poster design, the t-shirts will be available in black, white or blue, and if there’s enough demand will also come in children’s sizes.

POP is run on a shoestring budget by volunteers, but there are a few big-ticket items that we need to cover, such as a decent sound system for when we’re at Holyrood. Apart from a generous donation by CTC Scotland to cover leaflet printing, t-shirt sales are our only big fundraiser. Every order will help make the day a big success.

So, please let us know what you’d like, and relax knowing that you will soon be wearing a baby panda on a brompton, which is sure to be the season’s must have fashion item

Update: T-shirt preorders are now closed but you should still be able to buy them on the day – just £10 each

POP t-shirts: pre-order now