Charlotte Brennan Photo: Philip Gillespie

One week ago, we had fantastic mass demonstrations in three of Scotland’s cities – and thank you, to all of you, for turning up and making it such a success.

But, as we said outside Holyrood – the hard work starts now and it’s over to you.

We asked you to find – and fight for – one thing, one change you’d like to see in your local streets that makes it hard for people like our young speakers Charlotte and Mhairi to use their bikes to get around.

One week on, some people have already begun –

But what will be your change?

Over the next few weeks we’ll be outlining some ways that you can start to fight for change, with simple practical steps you can take.

But the first, simplest, and most obvious step is finding your local campaign and joining it if you haven’t already. There are already campaigning groups doing great work in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, the Highlands, Dundee, Perth, St Andrews and Dumfries and elsewhere. We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote had compiled an authority-by-authority list of supporting groups, many of which have a campaigning focus. All of them will welcome enthusiastic new faces, so why not start there?

You never know, it might even be fun!




Over to you