ECF LogoWe have a mention from the European Cyclists’ Federation, and it also quotes Neil Oliver, the new Chairman of Cycling Touring Club Scotland giving his support.

“We call on everyone, young and old, fast and slow, whether they already cycle or just wish they could to from right across Scotland to come along to Pedal on Parliament to put pressure on Scotland’s politicians to sign up to the manifesto and show the rest of the UK that cycling doesn’t just belong on continental Europe, it also belongs to the country where it first began,” says Oliver.

In Scotland the modal share of bike related journeys was only 2.3% in 2010, with risk, or the perception of risk as the main reason for the low number of cyclists. In 2012 there have already been 16 cyclists killed in the UK, 2 of which were in Edinburgh despite the relatively low number of cyclists.

The campaigners also note that if cycling levels rise to 13%, the benefit to Scotland would be between £1-2bn per annum.

They make a good point. It is important to remember that help increasing cycling will pay for itself in the long run, in better health of the populace, less abused infrastructure, less need for spending billions to ease congestion in cities. Our message is getting over.

European Cyclists’ Federation mention and CTC support