Lower speed limits, better infrastructure, we are set to hear a lot more about cycle safety as we count down to a protest next month at Holyrood, dubbed Pedal on Parliament

Reporting Scotland covered the Cycling Summit, and gave us a nice plug at the end to boot.

While we welcome the fact that safety on our roads is on the political agenda, we don’t think a single cycling ‘summit’ is going to achieve anything on its own. Any such high-profile meetings have to be combined not just with lower speed limits and a few cycle paths here and there – but proper funding, better road design, better enforcement and better training for everyone – in short, the points we raise in our manifesto.

We urge everyone from Keith Brown down to sign up to our proposals to make Scotland a truly cycling-friendly nation. And if you agree – please join the hundreds who have already added their names to our petition and, more importantly, show up on the day. Pedal on Parliament!

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