The Guardian bike blog has mentioned pedal on parliament. This is good to get coverage all over the UK – our message is spreading!

Cyclists are being asked to ride their bikes through Edinburgh to the Scottish parliament building. The initiative has attracted widespread support, including backing from the round-the-world cyclist Mark Beaumont.

Brennan said:

Cycling should be as easy as riding a bike. But the vast majority of roads I would not want my children to cycle on and that’s wrong. I think the key demand has to be more finance for infrastructure and safety, bringing the levels up. We’re spending millions on short sections of motorway; all we’re asking for is a relatively small percentage of that to go on cycling infrastructure.

The Pedal on Parliament manifesto asks local and national politicians to sign up to a series of pledges, including proper funding for cycling, designing cycling into Scotland’s roads, integrating cycling into local transport strategies and solid research on cycling to inform and support policy making.





Guardian Bike blog mention!