We’re delighted and somewhat humbled here at POP to announce that we’ve now got 20 pop-up PoPs happening over our POP weekend. The response we’ve had to our call for creative campaign ideas has been amazing, and none of it would be happening without our small army of PoP-Up POP organisers.

We’ve been bowled over by all the ideas for pop-up actions, some large, some small, some simple, some complicated – and a few of them completely off-the-wall. If you’ve not seen our announcements over the past few days, don’t risk missing out – check out our map and calendar and find the pop-up nearest you for our weekend of action!

We’ve been tweeting and posting on social media as these were announced, but we didn’t want anyone to miss the final fantastic four …

Bike Fun in the Park in Dumfries

  • St Michael’s Primary School / Dock Park
  • Friday 26th April
  • 8:10 am


It’s been great to see schools embracing POP this year and St Michael’s Primary school is no exception. They wanted to run a bike bus because the pupils love a bike-related event (being no strangers to the town’s bike breakfast) but, unfortunately, the school is almost impossible for kids to cycle to — even supervised! Although the school is only about 100m from the park and the rest of Dumfries’ traffic free network, getting there involves either negotiating a busy roundabout – or crossing two roads (one without any form of crossing) and then wheeling bikes along a very narrow railed-off pavement.

bikes in the park

The school want to celebrate their new bike repair station, so they’re planning a bit of bike fun in the park before school. They’ll also be looking into the barriers that stop them from coming in by bike every day, and how those might be lifted. Find out more here 

Unleashing the Jelly Baby Army in Edinburgh

  • Morrison St and elsewhere
  • Saturday 27th April
  • 10am

Ever looked at a bike lane and wondered how many jelly babies end to end would fit across it? No? Well, The Bonnie Loon has! Some bike lanes are barely wide enough to fit the bike symbol into them and others are just plain terrifying, with speeding lanes of traffic on either side. Narrow lanes encourage close passes and do nothing to encourage people to take to their bikes – indeed some find them worse than nothing at all.


After a call for nominations on Twitter of the worst bike lanes in Edinburgh, the plan is to go out and measure them against the yardstick of the minimum passing distance of 1.5 meters (50 Jelly Babies, as it happens). Starting outside Ryrie’s Bar near Haymarket, The Bonnie Loon will roam in search of Edinburgh’s worst bike lanes – which ones will measure up? Find out more


Calling for the “Pedals’ Vote” in Glasgow

  • Howard St
  • Saturday 27th April
  • 10am

At the same time the Jelly Babies are roaming Edinburgh in search of defective cycle lanes, the ‘Bikelane MEANS Bikelane event in Glasgow will be attempting to protect the ones they have – if they can find them!  Despite being mandatory lanes (i.e. drivers must not enter them) the Howard St. lanes are routinely blocked and the markings are being eroded away.

The plan is to “make the lane” with a pop-up protected lane. Come along to join in as a human bollard or just to enjoy using the route as it should be — without encroaching cars. Perhaps strength of numbers can do what Glasgow’s parking enforcement teams have failed to so far. You can find out more here or sign up on the event page


Pleading for a Zebra in Scotstoun

  • Westland Drive
  • Sunday 28th April
  • 10am
Westland Drive
The junction now – and how it could be

Victoria Park is great for families – but getting there means running the gauntlet of a busy and confusing junction, without any crossing between the nature walk and the park. There’s a lot that could be done to turn this car-centric corner into a more people-friendly place, but local parents would at least want to see a zebra crossing or a traffic light to enable them to cross safely with their kids.

The plan is to start a petition for a safer crossing – and kick it off with a pop-up demonstration. Come with your signs (and maybe your superhero costumes) to show the need for a crossing that you don’t need superpowers to use. You can read more here or sign up to the event here.


Bike lanes, jelly babies, kids and zebras: Rounding up the latest Pop-Up Pops