We are not party political here at Pedal on Parliament, but we have thrown our weight behind Mark Ruskell’s private member’s bill which would make 20mph limits the default in built-up areas – not least because it’s one of our manifesto asks. So we include a guest post here from Mark in a final plea to get the Scottish government to support this important piece of legislation

“In a few weeks’ time, the Scottish Parliament will have a chance to vote on my Members Bill for safer, healthier streets by reducing the default speed limit in built up areas to 20mph. It would give us a strong foundation to start reclaiming the streets where we live and play from the dominance of motor vehicles. However, the Scottish Government look set to oppose my bill, despite an unprecedented coalition of public health, walking, cycling, environmental and road safety groups, community councils and local authorities backing it. There is still a chance it could get through but it needs pressure, starting with the First Minister and spreading to other MSPs. Can you help? If you have a POP event planned and MSPs attending then please ask them to back the bill – I’ll be attending the Stirling POP event. Please also write to your MSPs and the First Minister at firstminister@gov.scot.


This is a one-off opportunity to back safer streets for everyone, let’s give it the best shot we can.”

Mark Ruskell MSP – Mid-Scotland & Fife Region

Safer Streets Bill – a plea from its sponsor