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Saturday 27th 10am

Event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/434212714055813/


St Enoch Square at Howard Street (south end), Glasgow, G1

Barriers to Cycling

Mandatory bike lanes on Howard Street and many other streets in Glasgow are routinely breached by vehicles crossing the line, stopping or parking, and very often by professional vehicles like taxis. There is a lack of enforcement of the legal mandatory status of the lanes, but they are also badly designed. The road markings are starting to wear away, the lanes are too narrow, particularly where island leave too narrow a gap for safe cycling or trikes, accessibility bikes or utility cycles. 6 inch kerbs are not marked, leaving danger of pedal strike, and the road surfaces are appalling.

We question why this this route has actually been directed along Howard Street, and believe a more logical option would be to continue the Argyle Street cycle lane east to connect with the motor traffic-free section starting on Queen Street. This could be continued from Stockwell Street to Saltmarket with some carriageway re-allocation.


We plan to make a pop up protected bike lane with people on Howard Street, preventing the daily illegal parking on the lanes, and having pop up attendees ride the traffic free bike lanes.

Glasgow – BikeLane MEANS BikeLane (The Pedals Vote)