We’ve heard a lot from politicians at previous Pedal on Parliaments. It seemed only fair to give all the parties a chance to respond to our demands, especially when there were elections coming up. However, there are no elections this year and we’ve decided that this time we wanted to open the floor to the people we’re pedalling for. The people who are already out there experiencing the reality of cycling in Scotland, both good and bad. And, just as importantly, the people who aren’t out there (yet) because, even though they would like to be able to cycle their everyday journeys, the road conditions they face are currently just too daunting.

Top of the speakers list in Edinburgh this year will be Round-the-World Record-breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont, but after that we want to hear from the everyday experts: you! We aren’t looking for a ‘typical cyclist’, but for representatives from across the spectrum of Scotland’s people. 2018 is the Year of Young People so we especially want to hear from the children and young people who are Scotland’s future – and who bear the brunt of our car-centric culture.

children speaking
Children speaking at PoP in 2014 – photo by Chris Hill on Flickr

So if you know someone – or if you are someone! – who would like to tell everyone why you want to see a more cycle-friendly Scotland – let us know. You don’t have to have ridden round the world. You don’t even have to have ridden round the block: if you’ve got something to say we want to hear from you: email hello@pedalonparliament.org or tweet us @PoPScotland

Mahnoor Campbell
Mahnoor Campbell from Al-Meezan speaks at PoP Glasgow in 2017 – Photo by Iona Shepherd on Flickr
A People’s PoP!