We’ve been going through the postcards some of you wrote at Sunday’s Pedal For Scotland event, prior to the weekend’s pedal on postbox. It’s interesting to see what a cross-section of fairly serious (given they’d just cycled 47 miles…) cyclists would like to see changed in their patch. Here’s just a sample

“Safer cycling to school”

“Please can we get more decent cycle lanes that are not part of the road. More like Europe”

“More good surfaced cycling routes”

“New cycle tracks in local woods – need better paths linking them”

“Better roads! Better drivers!”

“Give us space!”

“More investment, cycle affordability, cycle lanes”

“We need an integrated cycle system in the area.”

“Lower speed limits”

“Keep cycle lanes clear & stop cars parking in them”

“More cycle lanes for kids”

“No more potholes”

“We need good quality segregated infrastructure with input and design by CYCLISTS”

“Surely 3000 people can’t be wrong!”
And perhaps my favourite …

Keep pushing to make things better. When you do a little – a lot of people notice and appreciate it”

Because even politicians like to hear a word or two of appreciation occasionally.

We’ve now got pedal on postbox events happening across Scotland – from Dunblane to Dumfries and Peebles to Edinburgh to Glasgow. We hope as many of you as possible will make it along on Sunday but if you can’t, please do take a moment to pick up a pen (or you could even email…) and write to your local politicians to tell them what you’d like to see change in your area. Tweet what you’ve said (use the hashtag #goldenlegacy) or add it to facebook, spread the word, and somehow we’ll get the message through. If 3000 people can’t be wrong, how about 30,000? 300,000? The whole of Scotland?

What Do We Want? Safer Cycling