With our paralympians racking up ever more successes it seems a good time to remind people about Pedal on Postbox our plan to tell our politicians that we want a real Olympic legacy that lasts long after the memories of this summer fade away. We’re getting the postcards ready and plans are being put in place for events in both Edinburgh and Glasgow on the 16th of September, but we know that cyclists right across Scotland want to see cycling made safe for all. So here’s how you can help:

1. pick a burning issue that you’d like to see sorted in your area

2. get together a group of likeminded people who’d like to see the same

3. get your hands on one of our postcards (or any postcard will do) and some commemorative stamps

4. pick a postbox (ideally a golden one, if you’ve got one ) and a time, some time on the 16th September

5. Let the world know what you’re doing – tell the local press, tweet it (use the hashtag #goldenlegacy), let us know on our facebook page and generally spread the word

6. sit down and write to your councillors to let them know what you want

7. get together as many of you as possible and post those postcards – and make sure you send us the pictures

If you think you could organise something like this in your area, just let us know via the usual channels. We’ll send you postcards, and do what we can to help publicise it.

Gearing up to Pedal on Postbox