Ten years ago, in 2012, a group of us had a crazy idea that we might organise a flash mob to ride on the Scottish Parliament. We thought a few hundred might turn up; in the end that was the size of the Harrison Park feeder ride alone. So many folk had turned out that the police had to make the decision to close the roads. We had to borrow someone’s sound system to make the speeches (we’d brought a loudhailer) and we went to the pub to celebrate afterwards having forgotten about writing a press release …

Paddle on parliament - people standing in the fountains at the parliament holding up bikes
Paddle on Parliament – photo 2012 Sally Hinchcliffe

That was how Pedal on Parliament was born. And the first thing everyone asked the next day was ‘when are we doing it again?’

Graeme Obree
Graeme Obree addresses the crowd ©Ros Gasson, Photography Scotland

In the decade that has passed organisers and participants (and transport ministers) have come and gone. We’ve got a little bit more organised (but not much) and our numbers and influence have grown as part of the wider cycling, and now active travel, campaigning community. We’ve run PoPs in four different cities, we’ve gone popup, we’ve gone virtual, we’ve gone large and we’ve Pedalled on COP. We’ve had speeches from world champions and from government ministers and from ordinary men and women and children who just want to get home safely on their bikes. We’ve even seen some of our original asks become government policy. 

Mahnoor Campbell
Mahnoor Campbell from Al-Meezan speaks at PoP Glasgow in 2017 – Photo by Iona Shepherd on Flickr

We couldn’t have done any of it without you.

As we gear up for our tenth year, with a return to the ‘classic’ PoP format of a closed road mass pedal on parliament in Edinburgh (but with an exciting new route and starting location), we’re in the mood to look back a little. Whether you’ve attended one PoP or all of them, in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, or popped up somewhere else, we want your memories

Gruffalo at POP (c) Iona Shepherd

Photos, videos, audio, stories – tell us your PoP tales. 

All the fun and excitement and sadness and anger that those of us in the pale blue tabards tend to miss out on because we’re too busy trying to make it all happen. Please share them any way you can and tag it with #10YearsOfPoP 

We’ve also been thinking of putting together a little montage of PoPs past, so if you’ve got anything you’re willing to fur us to use (with credit of course) please send it our way! 

Tell us your PoP Tales…