You know how it goes, you wait ages for a Parliamentary Motion on cycling to come along, then two come at once!

A day after Green MSP Alison Johnstone lodged a Motion in support of Pedal on Parliament, a second motion in support of Pedal on Parliament has been lodged with the Scottish Parliament. This one lodged by Marco Biagi (SNP), (Motion S4M-02657) Pedal on Parliament Action on Cycling.

Pedal on Parliament Action on Cycling

That the Parliament welcomes the Pedal on Parliament manifesto as a set of practical and helpful proposals that set out very clearly the action that it considers would result in transformational change at all levels, allowing cycling to grow and flourish in Scotland; notes the eight points in the manifesto that include ideas and solutions on road planning, speed limits and other traffic laws, transport strategies, training and funding availability; considers that Transform Scotland’s report, Civilising the Streets, has identified a strong case for road safety measures such as dedicated cycle lanes, better parking provision and reduced speed limits; calls on all levels of city planning, from government to local authorities, to ensure that the needs and safety of cyclists are always given due consideration and action; welcomes what it considers the ambitious targets set by the Scottish Government to increase the uptake of cycling by 2020, and supports the Pedal on Parliament event on 28 April 2012, which will gather at the Meadows in Edinburgh and cycle to the Scottish Parliament.

So far this motion has been supported by: Kenneth Gibson (SNP), Margaret Burgess (SNP), Richard Lyle (SNP), Clare Adamson (SNP), David Torrance (SNP), Mike MacKenzie (SNP), Stewart Maxwell(SNP), Dennis Robertson(SNP), Jamie Hepburn (SNP), Kevin Stewart (SNP), Bob Doris (SNP), Humza Yousaf (SNP), Fiona McLeod (SNP), Colin Beattie (SNP), Bill Kidd (SNP), Gil Paterson (SNP), Aileen McLeod (SNP), Sandra White (SNP), Rob Gibson (SNP), Stuart McMillan (SNP), Annabelle Ewing (SNP), Roderick Campbell (SNP), Jim Eadie (SNP), John Finnie (SNP), Jean Urquhart (SNP), Mark McDonald (SNP), and Jim Hume (Liberal Democrat).

As more MSPs sign up to support the Motion, we will add their names here.

The great news is that politicians – from both government and opposition parties – are supporting Pedal on Parliament, and it shows they’re listening to what cyclists have to say. Obviously we’d prefer it if politicians of all parties signed up to our manifesto in full, because that’s why we wrote it. However, we appreciate that politicians in the party of government may not be able to make budget commitments right now – and we’d rather see some support for cycling than none at all, as long as the government remember that achieving their own target of 10% of journeys by bike won’t come without decent levels of investment, whether nationally or locally. So we urge you to write to your MSPs drawing attention to both motions and asking them to show their support for cycling in any way they can. Writing to your MSPs is quick and easy, just follow this link, put in your post code and write your message. It takes just five minutes to do it, so do it now. Together we can make Scotland a cycle friendly nation!

Second Parliamentary Motion in support of Pedal on Parliament