Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Isabel who?
Isabel necessary on a bicycle?

If it’s going to Pedal on Parliament it is. We’re asking everyone who’s coming on the 28th of April to make sure they have a bell on their bike, even if just for the day. The reason is that we will be starting the ride with a minute’s silence in memory of those we all know who have lost their lives unneccessarily on Britain’s roads. And then, when the minute is over, we will celebrate them as well, with a mass ringing of bike bells before we set off through the streets of Edinburgh. So if you haven’t got a bell, you’ve got just over a week to get hold of one by fair means or foul. It needn’t cost much – in fact, if you’ve an Android smart phone, you can get one for free.

Find out more about the schedule for the day on our new page and keep an eye on it because we’ll be adding to it all along as our plans develop.

Ring my Bell