Saturday promises to be a spectacular sight, with cyclists filling the streets and brightening the day. People have started telling us of plans to decorate their bikes; to decorate themselves; and to attach flags and banners to their bikes. For those of us there the sights will mingle with the sounds and give everyone memories that they won’t ant to shake.

But what about people who can’t be there, or even if you want to record the event for yourself, but show everyone how you saw the day? That’s where the Pedal on Parliament Flickr group comes in. You can upload any of your photos of the day (or the lead up) to the group to share the experience with all. So how do you do that? Well just click on this link….


Read and agree to the rules… And start adding photos. It’s as simple as that. We’re going to start making a difference on Saturday, let’s make sure everyone knows you were there.

Calling all Photographers