In this time of Covid-19, Pedal on Parliament are shifting our focus to making our public spaces safe for all those who need or wish to use active travel.

We are asking the Scottish Government to provide councils with funding and guidance so they can take action on the following four measures:

  1. Temporary widening of pavements to allow people to pass each other safely on foot and queue outside shops if they need to (two metres is much wider than you think).
  2. Temporary segregated cycleways along key commuting routes to enable key workers and others to cycle where possible.
  3. Temporary modal filters, closing off vehicular access to residential streets except to emergency services and residents, to discourage speeding, prevent rat-running and allow families to continue to exercise safely outside.
  4. Lower speed limits on key rural roads to create cycle-friendly routes into towns and villages.

To illustrate the pavements and roads which would be improved with some #SpaceForDistancing, we’re providing some graphics that you can overlay onto your images. The overlays are available as images below, alongside an example image with the overlay applied. Click on each graphic then right click and choose ‘Save Image As..’ to download it (or long-press if you’re on a mobile device).

If you’re not sure how to overlay the graphics, we’ve written some step-by-step instructions for Online and Mac, Windows PC, and using a Phone App.

If you have an image and need someone else to do the overlay for you, email your images to

Widen Pavements Overlay

Crowded pavement with pedestrian space overlaid

Segregated Cycleways Overlays

There are three overlays available for use depending on the camera angle or road angle.


Modal Filters Overlays

Two overlays are available, with single and double bollards.

A junction at a residential street with illustrated bollards

Lower Speed Limits Overlay

Other Useful Graphics

Pedal on Parliament logo with #SpaceForDistancing

Social Media Examples

Check out how you can use these images in your social media feeds to bring attention to our campaign.