Yesterday morning on the Call Kaye programme on Radio Scotland, Alex Salmond was asked by Ian in Falkirk (who was one of the 3,000 cyclists who Pedalled on Parliament) whether the First Minister would support the Pedal on Parliament Manifesto. To our surprise, the First Minister told Ian that we are “pushing against an open door here”! Well, if you are serious about this, First Minister, we are happy to take you and your Transport Minister on a bicycle ride around Edinburgh and explain why we started Pedal on Parliament in the first place. If you are interested in taking up this invitation Mr Salmond, our door is open, please contact us at hello {at} (obviously {at} to the usual @). We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks to Ian in Falkirk for asking the questions and pointing out that it can be done, it just needs the political will to make Scotland a cycling friendly Nation!

Pushing at an open door