No, not Pedal on Parliament itself, despite the rather feeble coverage in our national press. But this story, in which POP participant Jemma Smith was knocked off her bike just two days after Saturday’s ride.

Jemma’s remark at the end sums it up really:

I was astounded that according to the police officer who attended the accident, there is at least one incident like this in the city every day. To think that only a day or two ago I was at the start of Pedal on Parliament on my bike trying to highlight the need for increased road safety! It was a very well organised day. We were at the very start and it was an amazing sight to turn round and see all the cyclists behind us at The Meadows.

This is an unfortunate reminder of the everyday reality of cycling in Scotland today, that would barely have been newsworthy had it not happened just after Pedal on Parliament (the Edinburgh Evening News also published a brief story). We’re glad that Jemma isn’t too badly hurt, but if even experienced cyclists like Jemma risk being catapulted off their bikes by drivers who didn’t see them, what hope is there for the little kids – and the nervous beginners – who had such fun on their bikes on Saturday among the crowds?

Pedalling on Parliament was just the start. Now we need to see action so that everyone can pedal everywhere, every day.


An Un-newsworthy Event