Save the dates – we’re planning for 2020 and we’re going to be going local again on the first weekend in May!

After the success of our first Pop-Up PoPs this year, we want to get more groups involved than ever in staging their own protests all across Scotland, and that’s where we hope you will join us. 

mass kids' bike ride
Midlothian POP takes it to the streets en masse in April. Photo: Colin Jackson

Last year, there were 20 events from Inverness to Dumfries, ranging from mass rides of school kids and superheroes to human protected (and jelly-baby) bike lanes. It was a fantastic weekend of action, highlighting a massive range of issues from badly designed and unfinished infrastructure to parking enforcement and barriers to children cycling or walking to school. 

Sciennes Selfie
A glorious selfie during the Sciennes school bike bus in April. Photo Ross Crook

Some of these great protests have had a lasting effect – and we’ll be highlighting some of those successes over the next few weeks. Others are probably more for the longer haul – but they all help to keep the issue high on the political agenda. And, as we start to consider how Scotland can best tackle the climate emergency, it’s surely more important than ever that we create the conditions to enable people to get out of their cars and walk, cycle, scoot or wheel instead. 

So this is where you come in. You will know of problems in your area that keep people from cycling safely – or put them off cycling altogether. You probably wish someone would do something about it. Well, now’s your chance to be that someone. 

Squeezing a trailer through a gap on the Edinburgh Chicane Challenge highlighting barriers to accessing otherwise safe cycling infrastructure. Photo: Iain Jack

We’ll be publishing more information soon, along with ideas for Pop-Up protests and some guides to help you stage one – as well as some memories from this year’s events to act as inspiration. For now, mark the dates in your diary – the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May – and if you think you could help then get in touch via and let us know. 

Forrest Road human bike lane
High fives on the human bike lane on this year’s Forrest Road pop-up. Photo (c) Andy Catlin

And, for those of you who miss the big Pedal on Parliament events – never fear! 2021 will be the Holyrood elections and we’ll definitely be holding a mass ride on the Scottish Parliament then!


Popping Up Again – we need your help