Calling all PoPpers – we’ll be holding our AGM on 7pm, Tuesday 19th November at the Bike Station in Edinburgh.

Aside from the few formalities, this is really a chance for us to plan what we’re doing next year – and to see if anyone wants to get on board with the organising to help out, so that the work doesn’t all fall onto the same few people.

But it’s also an opportunity for you to tell us what we could be doing differently and how we could be more effective (especially if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and help us).

We’re particularly keen to hear from our amazing pop-up organisers – what worked, what didn’t, whether it made a difference, and if you’d be interested in doing something similar again. 

We’d also love to hear from anyone who was inspired by this year’s events and is wondering about doing something themselves, however tentatively. 

So please come along to the Bike Station and let’s get next year’s PoP on the road.

Forrest Road human bike lane
High fives on the human bike lane on this year’s Forrest Road pop-up. Photo (c) Andy Catlin


Announcement of AGM