Pop goes local again! Our weekend of action will be the 1st-3rd May #PoP2020 #PopUpPoP

Get ready to go local with POP on the first weekend in May – the 1st to the 3rd – right across Scotland.

Building on our success with local popup protests in 2019, we’re popping up again but it’s up to you to make it happen!

From Edinburgh to Glasgow, from Dumfries to Inverness – we want to tackle those barriers in a single weekend of action the length and breadth of Scotland. We’re joining forces with local groups and individuals in a series of Pop-Up PoPs highlighting the things that need to change. Unlike our normal Pedal on Parliament, these won’t be mass demonstrations. They’ll be creative protests highlighting the problems in a variety of ways.

We have events already in the planning stages in Inverness, Glasgow and Dumfries. And whether you’re in one of those towns and cities or somewhere else in Scotland – we need your help.

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Pedal on Parliament 2018
(c) Iona Shepherd

Why are we campaigning?

To ask all of Scotland’s politicians, from all parties, to sign up to our manifesto to make Scotland a cycle friendly country for people of all ages and abilities. And this year, particularly, for local authorities to tackle the barriers that prevent people from cycling for the sort of journeys that make sense by bike.

What are we asking for?

8-year-old Charlotte Brennan asks at PoP 2018 for the roads to be made safe enough for her to cycle to school.
Photo: Philip Gillespie
  • Proper funding for active travel – 10% of the transport budget nationally  and locally
  • Cycling for all ages and all abilities designed into Scotland’s roads
  • Safer speeds where people live, work and play
  • Cycling built in to our local transport strategies
  • Better road traffic law and better enforcement
  • Safer HGVs around cyclists and pedestrians
  • A strategic and joined-up programme of training for road users
  • The right research supporting good decision-making and policy

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“The measure of a good city is one where a child on a tricycle or bicycle can safely go anywhere. If a city is good for children, it will be good for everybody else.”

Enrique Peñalosa

Cycling – making sense for Scotland

Cycling should be the obvious solution for many of Scotland’s ills – as we have long said in our manifesto. Report after report after report has shown that cycling improves people’s health, cuts congestion, reduces pollution, boosts the economy, and generally provides returns on investment unparalleled by any other form of transport. But these benefits won’t come about just through a bit of training and encouragement. All the research shows that most people won’t cycle unless they have the conditions to do it in that are safe and, just as importantly, in which they feel safe – especially if they have a family. That takes real and sustained investment.

It can be done – but it takes political will. Since the first PoP more politicians have found that will – we’ve even seen a doubling of the active travel budget since the Transport Minister came to PoP in Glasgow in 2017. But much greater investment in cycling is urgently needed. We need you to come out and tell your elected representatives that cycling really matters. Together, let’s ask them to make Scotland a cycle friendly country. Find out more …. 


Graeme Obree
Graeme Obree addresses the crowd (in 2013) ©Ros Gasson, Photography Scotland

“I come here to enlighten our politicians that we’re not asking for spending here, but an investment, where young people can cycle freely and without fear. We want a network from our homes to our workplaces, our shops, and schools and everywhere we want to go. It’s an investment in the health of the nation.”  – Graeme Obree, speaking at PoP 2013.

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Who are we?

Pedal on Parliament is a grass-roots group of people who want to see Scotland become a place where active travel is safe and enjoyable for everyone, whether they cycle or not.

We are supported by the Andrew Cyclist Charitable Trust, Spokes Lothian, GoBike! Strathclyde, Cycling UK in Scotland, Cycling Dumfries and the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain.

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PoP 2014 © Chris Hill

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Pedal on Parliament: That's Mr Beaumont to you
The first PoP (© Richard Cross)