Get ready to go local with POP on the last weekend in April – the 26th to the 28th – right across Scotland.

As we announced last year, we’re ringing the changes with POP for 2019 and we want to take the action to a street near you – but it’s up to you to make it happen!

We all know the benefits that more cycling would bring to Scotland – and we all know why people don’t do it despite all the advantages. Quite simply,  the roads are often just too scary for all but a tiny few. Instead of being able to hop on a bike and ride, would-be cyclists face fast roads, heavy traffic, terrifying junctions and drivers who seem to be out to get them.

Cycling should not just be for the fit and the brave. It should be for school kids getting to school. It should be for families who can’t afford a car, for shift workers, for those with disabilities, for those living in the meanest streets as well as the leafiest suburbs. At the moment, those who would benefit most from cycling are the ones who are least able to do it. We want to see that changed.

Batman costume at POP
Cycling – should not be just for Superheroes. Photo by Rachel Keatinge on Flickr

From Edinburgh to Glasgow, from Dumfries to Inverness – we want to tackle those barriers in a single weekend of action the length and breadth of Scotland. We’re joining forces with local groups and individuals in a series of Pop-Up PoPs highlighting the things that need to change.

Unlike our normal Pedal on Parliament, these won’t be mass demonstrations. They’ll be creative protests highlighting the problems in a variety of ways.

Human-protected Bike Lane
GoBike’s human-protected bike lane on University Avenue in Glasgow. Photo (c) John Donnelly

We have events already lined up in Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfries – with more in the planning stages. But we know the barriers to cycling aren’t just in those places – they’re everywhere. And that’s where YOU come in.

We need you to help us take POP to the streets where you are. Whether you’re an individual or an existing group – we want to hear your ideas about what would get you, your family, your friends and your neighbours onto your bikes on the streets where you live.

you’re interested in organising a Pop-up-POP, contact us at and we’ll help you get started. Our check out our site for an event near you, and we can put you in touch with the organisers if you want to help out.

PoP Goes Local in 2019: Save the date for a weekend of action