smaller version of the POP poster

The POP 2015 poster. Click for printable version

We need your help!

To make PoP a massive success we need to get as many people out on the day, from right across Scotland. Here’s how you can help:

  • Let the world know you support us. Blog about why you’re coming to POP – or send us a guest blog about how you became a supporter, as Henry has here. We’re particularly interested in hearing from the children out there such as Alexander.
  • Organise a feeder ride – could you help lead a group ride into Edinburgh on the day? Feeder rides are a big part of the day and make it possible for folk to ride all the way to the Meadows as part of a friendly group.
  • Be a marshal –  Even on closed roads, a big friendly monster like the PoP crowd needs a bit of shepherding through the city centre. We’ll need a good few lovely lively folk with their heads screwed on to make it happen again, so if you fit the bill, the job could be yours – more info.
  • Bring POP to the politicians – This year is a local election year, so many politicians will be busy campaigning and may not be able to make it, especially if they’re not based in Edinburgh. But that’s OK – you can bring POP to them.
  • Spread the word – can you distribute posters and handlebar flyers around where you live? We have both on our resources page to print out. Or if you have a blog or twitter account please use them to spread the word. If you’re on Facebook, join our group and invite your friends and family.
  • Tell your local politicians you support us – whether you can make it to PoP or not, do please write to your MSPs and your council letting them know that you support our campaign and urging them to sign up to our manifesto. The only thing more impressive to our elected representatives than ‘bums on bikes’ is letters in their mailbag – they do listen to their constituents’ concerns (even if they don’t always act…)
  • Organise a group from your workplace – is there a Bike User Group that you can make sure know about the event? Is there a group of you at your workplace who can become a feeder ride? If your employer encourages cycling to work, ask if you can use the internal email system to publicise the event. Maybe they’d be willing to help you arrange transport to the event. Can you put a poster up in your workplace?
  • Organise a group from your school – do you or your kids cycle to school, or want to cycle to school but don’t have a safe route? You could get together with your PTA or other parents, to arrange a feeder ride with the children, and use the ride to advertise what you want changed. For bonus points, make your group look different on the bikes e.g. fancy dress, flags, balloons, decorated bikes.
  • Put up a poster (or three!) – check that your local bike shop and cycle-friendly cafes / pubs / shops / village hall have a PoP poster. If not, let us know and  we’ll arrange to get you some (or you can print out your own)
  • Keep in  touch – you can keep abreast of our plans by Follow us on twitter, join our Facebook group or sign up to our mailing list.
  • Show your support – we now have a twibbon so you can wear your support for PoP on your Twitter or Facebook avatar
  • Donate – PoP is just a group of volunteers giving up their time and in some cases their sanity to the cause. We need funds to cover printing, insurance, materials and expenses. You can now donate online through our fancy paypal button.
  • But above all – don’t forget to turn up on the day! 28th April 2018 in Edinburgh.

There will be more ways to get involved as our plans develop. Email us to let us know if you can help – use the link or just hello {at} changing the {at} to the usual @.

And remember, put pressure on your Councillors,  MSPs and MP – remind them that cyclists are also voters!


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