Graeme ObreePedal on Parliament has always been no more than the sum of all the amazing people who have taken part in it – from planning and organising it, to distributing flyers, to leading feeder rides and not least to turning up on the day. But if we’re going to make our next event bigger – big enough that we can no longer be ignored – then we are going to need more help. And that means you.

Specifically what we need right now are some dedicated souls who can sign up as regional organisers, right across Scotland. If you’re passionate about putting cycling at the heart of Scotland’s transport policy – if you’d like to see kids ride to school freely and happily – if you want everyone to be able to get on a bike and make it down to the shops and back without being in fear for their life – if you have a vision of a happier, healthier nation – then you may just be able to help us make that dream a reality.

What we need is more people coming from more corners of Scotland in order to tell our politicians that cycling should be something everyone can do. For that to happen, we need people on the ground from Kirkwall to Kirkcaldy and Ayr to Aberdeen who can co-ordinate transport, organise feeder rides, spread the word locally, and reach out beyond the 4000 people who showed up for PoP last year.

We’ve not yet entirely figured out how it will all work – in fact a lot of that will be in the hands of the regional organisers themselves, and where they want to go with it. But we know we need PoP to be about the whole of Scotland, not just the central belt. Our first task is to find people who want to be a part of it, and can dedicate a fair chunk of their spare time, particularly in March/April 2014, but in the months running up to that as well. You don’t need to be an experienced campaigner or organiser. You don’t even need to be someone who cycles.

PoP has always been run on four parts improvisation to one part planning (and one part blind panic), and we don’t expect that will change much. We are also a shoestring operation, funded by a few donations, t-shirt sales and home baking. We need people who can live with a degree of chaos and disorganisation, who can get on with things and improvise, who have imagination and flair, and who will do things and suggest ways of working that we haven’t even dreamt of. But most of all we need people who are as passionate about safer cycling as we are. In short, we need you.

So if you’d like to see Scotland become a cycle-friendly country and you think you can help, please email us at letting us know who you are, whereabouts you live and what you would be able to do.

PoP Needs You