One of the commonest questions we’ve had in the run up to this year’s Pedal on Parliament is ‘do I have to come on a bike?’ Surprisingly, given our name, the answer is ‘no’. Quite apart from the logistical difficulties of getting everyone’s bike into Edinburgh on a Sunday – we appreciate that not everybody who would like to see safer cycling is actually a cyclist themselves. The main thing is showing up and being counted, rather than staying at home because you can’t make it with your bike.

So, whether you’re on two feet rather than two wheels, we’re delighted to have you join us, but don’t risk being mistaken for a bystander. If you can, show your support for POP in other ways, with a placard or a poster, or dress up, or bring a panda, or wear a POP (or other cycling) t-shirt. We’ll be looking out for the best slogans, indeed the best outfit on the day…

And if you are on a bike, no need to feel left out – you too can have a placard or get dressed up or bring a panda. Or dress up as a panda. A panda with a placard, on a bike… now where have we seen that before?


No Bike Required