POP 2016 poster
POP 2016 poster – get onto our resources page for printable versions and flyers

It’s here – our fifth and (we think) most fabulous design yet, from the wonderfully talented Andy Arthur. Incorporating not just cycling of all kinds, but walking and a bit of multi-moded public transport too – and our support for We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote for the Holyrood election – it sums up everything that we’re about. Please share the design as widely as you can by email, blog, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other means you can think of.

But, wonderful though sharing things on the internet is, we need more than that this year. Despite four years of campaigning and spreading the word every way we can, there are still people in Scotland who have not heard of us and what we do. Some of them are even cyclists, many of whom would support us if only they knew we existed.

So we need you. This year especially, with the elections upon us, we need to make sure that nobody in Scotland who loves to ride a bike, would love to ride a bike or loves someone who rides a bike is unaware that we will be gathering on Saturday April 23rd, at the Meadows, in Edinburgh, to set off at 12 noon to ride to the Scottish Parliament.

Pedal on Parliament is just a small group of volunteers working in their increasingly limited spare time to make this happen. We will do everything we can over the next three months to spread the word, as we have done for the last four years. But we cannot do it alone. We need:

  • People to co-ordinate getting posters and flyers distributed on the ground across Scotland
  • People to flyer cyclists in the run up to POP, particularly in Edinburgh
  • People to organise feeder rides from their area and recruit as many participants as possible
  • People to organise transport and mass park and rides for those who can’t or don’t want to cycle the whole way way to the Meadows on the day
  • People to act as marshals and help make POP run smoothly on the day
  • People to organise mini-Pops or parallel events in their part of Scotland (as Aberdeen Cycle Forum did very successfully last year and will be doing so again)
  • And finally – and most importantly – we do need one or two key people who can join the core group of POP organisers and help us build on our achievements into the future. Email us if you’re interested in getting more involved, and we can talk you through what is involved in becoming part of the POP organising team.

Whatever your involvement  this year, we want to leave no stone unturned – and no bike unflyered – the length and breadth of Scotland.

If you can help, in any way, please email hello AT pedalonparliament DOT org and let us know.

New Poster – and POP needs YOU