Kezia on a tandem
Politicians at POP…

PoP without politicians is like fish without chips, or Ant without Dec (for the young ‘uns), or Morecambe without Wise (for the not so young ‘uns). In the end, though, it is the politicians who have the power to effect change. Thats why, every year at PoP, we encourage as many politicians to come along and see for themselves the variety of people of all shapes, sizes and ages who are calling for a cycle-friendly Scotland.

The focus this year is on local elections, which is why we have expanded our reach to four cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, and Aberdeen. Wed love to have a ride in every council area, but the PoP organisers value their sanity. However, we hope that four rides will allow more people to show support for the cause. We ask you to invite MSPs, councillors, and council candidates from your area to attend one (or more!) of our rides – you can find your candidates and their contact details through the We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote candidate finder.

As you may know, three of the PoP team recently met up with our Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf. At that meeting, we invited Humza to come along to PoP…..But wait!? Which one? There were four to chose from! We left the decision up to Humza and his team, although he did state that he would attend one. We suggested that he could attend two and cycle between the two, sampling the ‘delights’ of Scotland’s cycle infrastructure; however, we don’t think he was keen on the idea…

We can now announce that Humza will be attending…..

Glasgow PoP on April the 23rd!

Fear not for the other PoPs though, they will have their own politicians and characters attending and we will be announcing more about that soon, so please, please, PLEASE attend your closest PoP (or as many as you can make!).

If you happen to be at PoP Glasgow, give Humza (and any other politicians who attend) a demonstration that they won’t forget. Keep it friendly, but make it clear that we demand more from our councils and our government. The time for a cycle-friendly Scotland is now.

Humza Goes POP!