We came across this nice visualisation of Australian commuters on the interwebs and it gave us a bright idea

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a visualisation of all the thousands of cyclists who will be converging on Edinburgh to show how cyclists came from all corners of Scotland to ask for better conditions for everyone? In the past few days we’ve had word of a feeder ride from Glasgow, someone riding all the way from Aberdeen, and a posse coming down from Inverness (admittedly not the whole way by bike). Imagine all those traces slowly converging on the meadows and then making the ride down to parliament – perhaps interspersed with videos of the day – it would be a brilliant record of a brilliant day.

So here’s where we need your help. If you’ve a GPS or a phone that can record a trace, then make sure you turn it on as you make your way to Edinburgh on Sunday May 19th. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming by bike, by car, by train or on foot. Just record your journey, send it to us as a GPX file, and we’ll then work out how to turn it into something like the the visualisation in the video. Of course we’re not 100% sure exactly how yet – but then again we didn’t know how to get 3000 cyclists to pedal on Parliament last year … and look what happened.

Converging on Edinburgh