With the ‘Love Cycling Go Dutch’ conference approaching, Cycling Scotland are looking for questions to put to the Transport Minister Keith Brown by the 1st November, for him to answer on the day.

You can ask by tweeting @CyclingScotland using the hash tag #scotsgodutch. And if you’re not on twitter, just leave a comment here and we’ll do our best to ask them for you.

We’ll be along on the day – in fact we’ll be taking part in the workshop on funding and campaigning – so we’ll be able to ask any follow ups in person. But we’ve already been asking a few awkward questions of our own. I expect you can probably guess what they are…

@CyclingScotland when will Scotland adopt or adapt Dutch style infrastructure to encourage 8-80 cycling? #scotsgodutch

@CyclingScotland how can the central gov’t encourage Local Authorities to develop their own cycling plans? #scotsgodutch

@CyclingScotland why not look at how the Dutch achieved mass cycling instead of sticking to incomplete and unfunded CAPS? #scotsgodutch

@CyclingScotland how can we ‘go Dutch’ without Dutch levels of spending per head on cycling (around €25)? #scotsgodutch

@CyclingScotland Is 10% of journeys by bike a real target or will it be quietly dropped when it proves too hard #scotsgodutch

What’s yours?

Ask the Minister (again)