Don’t forget that as well as signing up to our petition – and turning up on the day – we’re asking everyone who supports us to write to their MP, MSP and local council candidates asking us to sign up to our manifesto.

We’re already getting support coming in but we think cycling’s too important to be left to just one or two political parties – we’d like to see genuine cross-party support for cycling.

So please, take moment to write to your elected representative and tell them what matters to you. It will be more effective the more you put it in your own words, but here are some basic points you might like to cover, as well as any local issues of your own:

  • pedal on parliament is a mass family-friendly bike ride in support of safer cycling in Scotland
  • we’re asking all politicians to sign up to our eight point manifesto & let us know by emailing hello {at }
  • they can also sign our petition
  • we’d be delighted to see them on the 28th, with or without a bike

Here are the links to write to your MPMSP and your local councillors  – and don’t forget to let us know what responses you get so we can put them up on the site (with their permission)

Write to Them!