Spokes members will be getting a treat in their next Spokesworker mailing – a fabulous POP postcard featuring the thousands who turned out to Pedal on Parliament last month. It’s theirs to do what they want with, of course, but we hope that some of them will use it to send one of their lucky elected representatives a short note letting them know that they’d like them to support the POP manifesto to make Scotland a Cycle Friendly Nation.

Earlier this month, new councils were elected all across Scotland. While we pedalled on Parliament in support of our manifesto, your local authority is at least as important at the moment in making your local area a cycle friendly place. Spokes have provided some guidance about how you can find out what your local politicians’ manifestos promised – and how you can hold them to account. We’re urging everyone to find out what the position is locally and sit down and write an email – or a postcard, of course – to your councillors telling them you support cycling and asking them to do so too.

But that’s not the only way to get involved. Bike week is coming up and if you’re in Edinburgh, Breakfast Bike Ride are asking you to invite your local politicians to come along on a rush hour bike ride (and free breakfast) to discover what cycling’s really like in the city.

And if you’re not in Edinburgh? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t still invite your politicians along on a local ride to find out what conditions are like where you live and cycle. It’s the best way to get across just what the problems are – and even suggest some solutions to the people who can actually do something about it.

Similar rides have already taken place in Dumfries and one is planned for East Dunbartonshire. If you’re planning on doing one yourself – or if you think you might like to – let us know via hello AT pedalonparliament DOT org and we’ll help you spread the word.

This batch of postcards were printed through the generosity of Spokes, but if you’d like to get your hands on some then let us know and we’ll investigate printing some more.


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