Since we put our petition up, we’ve had a great response, with hundreds of signatures already, and more coming in all the time. Kim Harding has put the UK ones on a map and it shows that cycling is a nationwide issue – from Kirkwall to Annan, and from Duns to Inverness, people are calling for Scottish politicians to take cycling seriously and make it safe for everyone.

If you’ve been following the Pedal on Parliament website for a bit, you’re probably a bit sick of hearing from us – so we thought we’d let some of you have your say instead. When you sign our petition, you have the option of putting in a reason. We were browsing these before the parliamentary debate and we were struck by what an eloquent and thoughtful bunch our supporters are. Below you’ll find just a flavour of what people have said – you can see more on the petition site itself. And if you haven’t signed yet – and this inspires you to do so – you can do so here

Nobody should have to be afraid to do something as simple and lovely as riding a bike.

Because the government doesn’t yet understand that cycling is a form of transport.

Because cycling shouldn’t feel like deviance

I have been an avid cyclist my entire life. Now that I have a young child though, I do not cycle as much because I simply do not feel safe carrying a child on my bicycle when I ride in traffic, which is where cyclists largely find themselves since there are so few cycle paths, in Edinburgh for instance. Of the few cycle paths that do exist, many are used by motorists as parking spaces. We deserve better in Scotland. Let’s make the roads safe for cyclists, including our children. I would love to think that someday it might be possible for Scottish children to ride a bicycle to school everyday.

To make Scotland an even better place to live, work and visit… Cycling is closer to the Scottish social spirit and welcoming reputation, than being in a car..

To highlight the fact that we as road users and pedestrians would really appreciate money being spent on infrastructure/training to make cycling and walking a better experience for people in here.

We need to concentrate on integrating cycling into urban planning instead of trying to fit it around the needs of drivers.

About time Scotland got off its fat arse!

I’m a keen cyclist but feel increasingly unsafe on Scotland’s roads where if cycle lanes exist, these are incnsistent and poorly planned. More needs tyo be done to ensure that the needs of cyclists are better integrated into improved urban and rural transport planning.

cycling is a real mode of transport – healthy, environmentally-sound, enjoyable and needs to be safe too

I cycle every day, I see the lack of facilities and I’m actively campaigning to improve things. I’m 61 and healthy, why aren’t all women of 61 out on their bikes?

I cycle every day. Every day somebody tries to kill me with their car / taxi / hgv. Getting fed up of it to be honest. I’d also like my daughter to be able to cycle safely – there’s no chance of this at the moment.

I’ve hardly been off my bike since I was 6, when, determined to keep up with my brother, I cycled until I could balance round and round the garden clothes-pole leaning on a rope fixed between the pole and my bike-frame. That’s 60 years ago! Everyone should know that joy, health and independence…

Because I know people who’d love to cycle, but are literally too frightened to cycle on the road – and I can’t say I blame them!

Because I want my sons to grow up being able to cycle around the city they live in when they grow up

Because providing extensive and safe cycling infrastructure will help make car commuters into bicycle commuters, increasing public health and decreasing congestion on the roads.

As a cyclist, it is important to me that my children grow up in a Scotland where cycling is integrated into every day life. Only by designing cycling into our cities and our laws can we make it safer for (and accepted by) all.

I love the freedom, speed of travel and exercise I get from cycling around Edinburgh. But I hate how vulnerable I feel, the constant fear of death or injury, the constant worry about whether car drivers have seen me and will give me space, and the bone-jarring ride on our crumbling roads.

Cycling can be the lifeblood of a city if managed correctly and designed properly into the infrastructure. Unfortunately we are a long way from that. However, it would be nice to see a greater commitment to the future of cycling in Scotland. The money it would save the NHS in the long run could fund it (you might want to check that).

Because I love cycling (and I am a daily driver), but the infrastructure pits cyclists against drivers which is dangerous for both. Making cycling safer increases the numbers and variety amongst cyclists (to include all ages and types of cyclist, and make cycling more of a feasible mode of transport), which makes cycling safer, which increases the etc etc etc.
I am relatively new cyclist and I want to feel safe and have the ability to cycle where I like without feeling threatened by other road users who do not respect a cyclists right to be on the road too!

Because I cycle every day in Edinburgh and I want my two sons to be able to do the same – and safely.

I’ve had too many near misses to count and have been knocked clean off my bike a couple of times. Cycling in Glasgow is an extreme sport when there is no need for it to be. Lets make it safe for everyone.

i enjoy cycling, it keeps me healthier and happier yet, i hardly do it because of the busy dangerous roads and lack of proper cycle paths. I do drive a car, so i am also part of the problem. I would love to see Scotland become more cycle orientated.


…I don’t cycle on the roads anymore as I am pregnant and really don’t feel safe.

My daughter refuses to learn how to ride a bike because she says she will never cycle on a road as it is too dangerous. She’s only 11 and decided she felt like this when she was 8. She’s right, rural roads in the Scottish Borders are terrifying to cycle on. Especially if you’re not mega fit and can’t leap out of the way of motor traffic thundering past you with only mm’s to spare. It is so sad that she can’t enjoy the freedom and health benefits that cycling gave me as a child.

It’s time for the Scottish government to realise the motor vehicle is just one mode of road transport, cycling can have beneficial side effects for users and for the nation.

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