Pedal on Parliament.

It’s quite a simple name. In fact it is quite simply a description what we do once a year. We pedal to parliament. Why though, do we pedal to parliament? If we’re honest, there are much nicer places to cycle to, although to be fair parliament does have a coffee shop that sells cakes. We don’t pedal for the cakes though, we pedal there because the politicians who have the power to change the environment we travel in, work there. These politicians are the very people we need to convince if we want to see any significant investment in cycling to make it safe for all.

Pedal on Parliament is not a party political campaign. We do not take political sides because cycling and investment in safe cycling should cross the political divide. Cycling is neither left wing, centre ground or right wing as it fits the ideals of the whole political spectrum to have a healthier, less congested, less polluted Scotland. We must however, face the fact that if we want to bring about change, and we want to bring it about some time soon, that we need to focus on the current government who have the mandate to start the change. Cycling, is a very efficient mode of transport thus we specifically lobby Keith Brown MSP the Minister for Transport.

We have invited Keith Brown to attend PoP 2014.

Unfortunately Keith has not managed to attend the last two PoP protests and to be fair, he may have had very good reasons not to attend. In fact, it is entirely possible that Keith might have a perfectly justifiable reason not to attend this year. We all have busy jobs with many commitments, and events in our lives that are more important than our jobs.. We understand that. Therefore, we could understand if someone else was sent in his place. However, there is a condition.

If Keith cannot make PoP this year, the government attendee must be more senior and not more junior than Keith.

The significant benefits of cycling are not confined to transport. Cycling should be a serious consideration of many government departments including the department for Health and Well-being (significant long term population health benefits), the department for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities (improvements in liveability and reductions in congestion), the department for Rural Affairs and the Environment (reduced pollution and increased tourism), and the department for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth (increased footfall for local businesses, increased workforce mobility, healthier workforce, investment in sustainable infrastructure) .

Cycling is a benefit to Scotland as a whole.

Therefore, in the unfortunate event that Keith should not be able to attend PoP this year, we understand. We will accept John Swinney, Nicola Sturgeon, or Alex Salmond in your place.

We understand that not everyone can make it to PoP