Many of you will be aware of the Space for Cycling campaign – it covers many of the same points we ask for in our manifesto and we’re in full agreement with the campaign’s six themes – in short, we fully support the campaign. So it makes total sense that we and the CTC will be co-ordinating our campaigning up in Scotland over the coming Westminster elections – including our 2015 POP ride itself on Saturday the 25th April, not all that long before the big vote itself.

How this will work will play out over the next few weeks, but the first concrete outcome is the CTC’s Space for Cycling campaigner’s day on Saturday 21st February – a totally free event open to all – which you can book here. It will be covering everything about the Space For Cycling campaign, but with plenty of room to discuss how to adapt it to the particular circumstances here in Scotland. It will also be a fantastic opportunity for campaigners right across the country to find out how they can get involved in campaigning locally and nationally, whether they can make it to POP in person or not.

A number of us from POP will be there, along with the CTC team, and we look forward to seeing faces old and new, and kickstarting a massive campaigning year for 2015

Training Day