A week from now, world leaders will be gathering in Glasgow for the start of the COP26 conference – and, although the powers that be will be doing everything they can to keep them away from the wider population, we can still get a message to them that they might just see…

The COP26 Coalition is asking everyone to Raise the Banners for Climate Justice – wherever you are. On Monday 1st November, hang out your message for justice – from a window, village hall, school, your front door – whatever space you have to hand.

this machine fights climate change banner

The message you send is up to you. We’re using the message ‘this machine fights climate change’ because, as well as being a great way that everyone can cut their emissions, cycling is also one of the cheapest and most democratic solutions we can institute – and, with poorer communities disproportionately affected by traffic violence, there’s an element of justice too. 

So, whether you’re joining us in our bloc on the big march on November 6th or not – get crafting! You can sew, paint, or draw your message, just make it as bold as possible! It doesn’t need to be visible from space but it does need to be visible from COP26, and that’s almost as hard.

close up of banner

Share your photos when you’re done and tag us in – we’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with! And then, why not bring them with you to the march to double the impact?


This (sewing) Machine Fights Climate Change