This week we celebrate how safe our roads have become!

Er? Sorry, no, Road Safety Week is the week when we’re reminded of just how dangerous the roads are and what we should do to make them safer.

little boy pedalling on parliament
Are children like this really the ones who should be held responsible for their own safety? Or should it be the adults behind the wheel? Photo (c) Jon Davey Photography

Still not right? No, Road Safety Week this year is a reminder that people who are injured on the roads are assumed to be responsible for their own injuries, even if they’re caused by someone else— so do all you can to protect yourself from everyone else! Yes? That’s right, according to the police who, this year, appear to be focusing on blaming the most vulnerable for their own injuries.

While their advice on how to keep children safe is useful, it misses the wider view of how to make our roads safe-by-design.

So write to your politicians and remind them that we want roads safe enough for everyone age 8 to 80— whatever they choose to wear!

The Dangers of Road Safety Week