We’re absolutely delighted to announce that this year our ride will be led out by members of Talking Tandems, a cycling club that shows how cycling really can be for everyone. In this guest post, their Chairman Jim Tolson explains why they’re supporting POP.

Talking Tandems is a tandem cycling club based in Dalgety Bay that promotes the inclusion of people with sight loss issues from West and Central Fife in mainstream cycling activities. We believe this will improve overall health and well-being; reduce the risk of health issues in later life and build confidence in varied and positive ways. It does this by recruiting and training volunteer pilots (front cyclists) to tandem cycle with stokers (rear cyclists with sight loss or dual sensory issues); loaning tandem bikes, accessories and car lifts to transport tandem bikes thus ensuring an affordable, flexible and personalised service to our target communities.

The Kelpies
Talking Tandems members at the Kelpies

We have decided to join Pedal on Parliament 2016 to highlight the diversity of cycling options for people with sight loss issues. Cycling is a viable transport and leisure option for people with a wide range of disabilities. However, access to many cycle tracks is limited if you are riding a tandem, tricycle or any of a wide range of adaptive cycles. Talking Tandems ride mostly on quiet roads and accessible cycle paths but can face restrictions with many routes. We aim to inform politicians that cycling comes in many forms and that the government should cater for all cyclists.

Crossing the bridge
Talking Tandem riders
Talking Tandems to Lead out POP for 2016