We’ve got a new way for you to keep in touch (assuming you don’t just want to follow us on twitter, join our facebook group or subscribe to our RSS feed). You can now sign up to our mailing list if you want to get irregular updates about what’s going on. We won’t use it very often – but we would like to have a way to get in touch with our supporters if there’s something we think you need to know. For instance, we’ll be meeting with the Transport minister at the end of the month (oh, and if you’ve got any questions you’d like us to ask him, do let us know) and we might report back from that if he says anything new. And we’ll be planning some more events in September you might want to get involved with. And of course there’s always next year’s Pedal on Parliament – you wouldn’t want to miss that, would you? We promise we won’t pass your email address on to anyone else and you can always unsubscribe again if it gets too much.

If that’s whetted your appetite for signing things – don’t forget the petition, which is still open for now, before we lodge it formally with Parliament. And, for those of you who joined us last month, there’s the survey to fill in as well. We’re getting some great feedback from that which is helping shape our plans for the future, so please do go and add your 2p worth if you haven’t already.

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