We have received a reply from Kezia Dugdale, who is running for the deputy leadership:

As you know, I am a strong supporter of Pedal on Parliament, both as an MSP for the Lothian region, and as a cyclist. This will continue if I am elected deputy leader.

You will also be aware that I support its manifesto, and am on record as saying so. You can see this support and other contributions I have made to cycling issues here.

I also share your view that a distinctive transport policy is about political will. It is disappointing therefore that the Scottish Government’s proposed 6% real-terms cut to the sustainable transport budget suggests that the will to meet its active travel targets – and with it, cut carbon emissions and improve public health – is lacking.

Please rest assured I will continue to challenge this as an advocate for better cycling policy and support.

Finally, for your information, I asked the Scottish Parliament’s research library whether there would be any consequentials for Scotland following the Deputy Prime Minister’s recent announcement of £214m investment in cycling in England. I’m disappointed to say this was not ‘new’ money, and therefore no additional money will be passed on – however, the Scottish Government’s responsibility for cycling is not reduced by this.

Reply from Kezia Dugdale MSP to our question